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Achieving Incredible Marks (AIM)


Odell Staggers has always had a passion to see others-regardless of race, cultural differences, or economic status-reach their full potential in life. He grew up on the South Side of Chicago. Although he was raised in a loving home by two amazing parents, he often had to deal with the dangerous and unkind streets. Odell and his siblings were confronted by gangs, peer pressure, intimidation, bullies, drugs, and other factors that made growing up very stressful. But, having faith in God, praying, learning from loving parents how to navigate the dangerous streets, and never giving up on their dreams, helped Odell and his siblings to overcome the plethora of challenges. He is a former youth pastor, high school teacher, college instructor., and prolific author. He is married to his wife of 28 years, Karan, and they have three amazing children.

Achieving Incredible Marks (AIM) is a 5013c organization designed to be intentional about challenging individuals to strive for the next level of success and greatness through mentoring, tutoring, career counseling, and life coaching.

AIM Course

 Have you ever been clueless about life goals or couldn’t decide on what you want to be in life? Or maybe you see yourself doing great things but you don’t know how to get started or things seem overwhelming and you give up. This course A.I.M was created just for you! Achieving Incredible marks (A.I.M) is an 8-week virtual self-discovery, goal-setting and personal accountability course. Each participant is responsible for mandatory weekly attendance, completing their assignments, class discussions and reading.


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